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Wings of a Phoenix (poem)
My life was going in all the right directions
Within a flash it was altered
My path was now darkened
My plans and dreams were disappearing
They sent me to see lots of people
Time passed; little changed
I hated that person a little more each day
I could see in the mirror that he was broken and defeated
My wife was lost and angry, she pushed back hard
She found a lovely lady, who guided her to a place
That had its Wings stretched our proudly
They took us under their Wings
Slowly teaching us how to put back the pieces
Hard work and determination Little by little, brick by brick
I built the new and improved me
The old me is now gone
He now looks back at me each day
He’s all right
In time, I hope that they will learn to love and like him too
Guy Voisin

The Referral Process

Referrals for admission to The Wings of Phoenix Association are received from a variety of sources, including:

  • Self Referral 
  • Medical Practitioner/Physician Referral 
  • Psychologist/Neuropsychologist Referral 
  • Other Community Based Service Providers

All referrals for services are processed by our Admission and Treatment Coordinator who schedules an initial pre-admission assessment with the prospective client, family members and any other individuals involved with the care of the client.

This initial meeting ensures a mutual exchange of information occurs and allows us to more fully understand the immediate clinical needs of the client. This process ensures both parties have ample opportunity to determine the best possible course of treatment.

As with all the services provided by The Wings of Phoenix Association, there are no costs associated with this service.